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Rewards Chart

A potty training reward chart can be used by parents to encourage their children to use the potty on a consistent basis. Stickers or praise can motivate some children to go to the potty, while others may be motivated by receiving a prize after completing a certain number of actions. A child’s chart can be completed as a whole, with small prizes given for every success. The child’s motivation will depend on what he/she associates with the reward.


A potty training reward chart can be used by both parents and children. It is a great way to motivate your child to use the bathroom. A reward chart helps your child see their progress in a positive way and helps him/her feel good about himself.
Using a potty training reward chart is a good way to boost your child's motivation and help him/her stay dry during the training days. Whether it is a sticker chart or another type of chart, it is helpful to use a reward system for each of the activities. Even the most stubborn child will be persuaded to use the potty when he/she sees that he/she will earn a sticker for the activity.
The child will also get a sense of accomplishment when he/she earns a sticker. Once your child has mastered the activity, they will be ready to move on to the next one. It is important to remember that stickers and pictures are best used when they are immediately available. The children's sense of time is still developing, so the rewards should be kept in mind during the training.